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The Electro Pathological Consort (EPC) performs live improvised music using computers, electronic instruments and samplers. EPC was formed in 1997. It owes its name to the Electro Pathological Museum, a Viennese institution founded solely to inform the public on the dangers of electricity.

Being geographically problematic (the three members live in different countries and continents), EPC uses the Internet as a workspace and as a distribution outlet. Very active on the defence of the web as a public media space, EPC has distributed freely its music on several web sites.

Among the EPC members numerous projects, are the development of web based musical instruments, self-generative music and the research of new and improved relations with music consumers outside mainstream channels.

Of themselves, the EPC says "...we're ideas based... that of free - flowing liberated ideas! At the heart of what we're doing, we're three people who share a common affinity with sound, a disdain of the music industry and a love of novelty. There's something moving, humorous and compelling about what we do and how we go about doing it. Electro Pathological says it all."

Andrew Garton (Melbourne):
 notebook, PMA5, CD deck, mixer, theremin, fx, cassette deck, radio
Sergio Messina (Milano):
 Sampler, Fx, Guitar, Motormouth
Ludwig Zeininger (Vienna):
 notebook, sampler, fx, mixer