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Andrew Garton
(Melbourne, Australia)
Composer, writer, media artist.

Throughout the 80s Andrew played with a variety of experimental bands and recording collaborations. He spent three years playing keyboards and sax in the Sydney based hybrid-pop band, Private Lives, and later co-founded the improvisation-based outfits, Astrobeatniks and Lingo Babel.

In 83-84 he began working with the now infamous Fairlight sampling computer and from there went on to compose for numerous television documentaries. He wrote and performed several solo spoken word and mixed media theatre pieces, most notably the political satire, Black Harlequin.

By the late 80s and early 90s Andrew became involved in low-cost computer networking. In 92 he represented these embryonic networks at the Earth Summit, Brazil. In 93 he co-produced the landmark one-day arts festival, Fierce / InterRave, one of the earliest text based netcasts in Australia, raising money to purchase modems for indigenous peoples networks in Sarawak.

More recently, he has been commissioned to create networked sound pieces and installations for KunstRadio (Austria) and The Listening Room (Australia). In 98 he began collaborations with Stelarc and contributed to a generative, online composition with Brian Eno. He runs his own label, Secession Records, and performs as lost_time_accident with video artist, John Power.

Andrew makes a humble living as a sound designer and producer of Web sites for the artist run production house, Toy Satellite. In 97 he co-founded EPC. He eats sleep and drinks coffee.