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Sergio Messina/RadioGladio
(Milan, Italy)
Performer, radio broadcaster, producer and journalist.

Sergio Messina had been a DJ for ten years (working in both private and public stations) when, in 86, he shifted from live radio to pre recorded programs and started producing experimental broadcasts. A string of pieces in the eighties led to RadioMantra (1990) a 13 part series commissioned by Rai in the historical radio art space, AudioBox; the live show by the same name toured extensively in 91/93.

In 1990 he released the piece RadioGladio, which went around the world "from tape recorder to tape recorder" (largely due to not being copyrighted) and recieved the attention of Frank Zappa ("Here is an example of how music can still open people's eyes"). In 92 he produced the album Curre curre guaglio' by 99 Posse (which went gold) and in 93 he released his own EP La Vendetta del Mulino Bianco (followed by an 18 months tour). In 96 he performed, recorded and mixed, under the name of Buddha Stick, the CD Inaudito; currently sold out, this album has been freely available on the web in MP3 format since July, 97.

Between 91 and 98 he was commissioned by Orf Kunstradio to create several radio pieces which where broad/webcasted by radio art programs in stations worldwide; many of these works were conceived for online/on-air presentation. In 97 he co-founded EPC, his first band since teen age.

Sergio Messina makes a living (in Milan) by remixing pop songs, producing carpet music and writing for Italy's most important satirical magazine, Cuore.

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